Saturday, July 09, 2005

15 US Educators Connecting In Germany

  • David from Garret County Maryland teaches High School World History, AP US Politics, & Government
  • Shawn from Wichita, Kansas is director of the High School Vocal Music and chair of the Fine Arts Department
  • Susan a German teacher at Cave High School in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Alice works with the International Baccalaureate program for three classes of sophomores in Tacoma, Washington
  • Judith teaches self-contained special education classes in Springfield, Virginia
  • Elena from Montclair, New Jersey teaches all levels of German and an AP English Literature and composition Course in a magnet High School, which focuses on specialized categories
  • Kristeen from Montana teaches sophomore and senior English including Mythology, World Literature, & Honors English
  • Francis teaches 9th grade social studies (World History & Global Village) in Kalispell, Montana and she team-teaches "at risk students" in English.
  • Perry from Columbia, South Carolina teaches high school history and he provides an Oral History class where the students interview and learn video editing to create a documentary of War Veterans
  • Ruth is Chair of the Math Department in Baltimore, Maryland where she works at an independent all-girls school
  • Bonnie is from Cleveland, Ohio where she teaches advanced placement European History, World History and Government at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School
  • Alison works in New Hampshire in a rural High School where she teaches three classes of German and moderates an active German club
  • George is a Chemistry teacher from Fayetteville, Arkansas where he works with students mostly in the 11th grade
  • Bruce is a counselor and faculty member at Glendale Community College in Arizona where teaches strategies for College Success, Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior, Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and African-American Literature
  • Wendy(that's me) from Lexington, South Carolina is a Technology Integration Specialist where she helps teachers in grades k-12 integrate technology into the curricula, helps to engage students in learning through the use of technology, and provides training and support of technology applications

A Week In Calw

A Day In Frankfort

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Arriving In Germany

The flight to Germany was an exciting one. I left South Carolina rather early, had a lengthy layover in Dulles, and then arrived in Frankfort in the wee hours. I met four of my Fulbright cohort teachers on the plane and we talked about our teaching experiences and our aspirations for learning about the German educational culture.

Technology is not near as prevalent in Germany as the Americas, so my Blog post will take place while I am attending the NECC conference in Philadelphia. I have discovered much trouble charging my handheld because of the voltage issue. I will give details on this later just in case you travel abroad. We have been on a very rigorous schedule learning about the dynamics of the German school system. It is very different from America in that the students or the SYSTEM decides what type of training or schooling the student will follow in 4th grade. They feel this is the best way to make decisions about the future of their students at this time.

This past week we have meet with teachers of Germany, University professors, visited the palace of the local parliament, had an overview of how Germans perceives Americans and we
hiked through the black forest. What an exciting experience!

There are 15 educators from all over the US involved in this program and our backgrounds range from high school history teachers, junior college professor, German teachers, a music teacher, and a technology integration specialist.

I will share more information and pictures later.
Auf Wiedersehen!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Preparing to Travel!

This is my family that I will be leaving behind as I travel to Germany to study. My seven year old helped me pack and he asked a lot of questions about the family that I will be staying with in Hildesheim. He wanted to know where I would sleep, what I would eat, and if the people would be nice to me. He has such a BIG heart! As I take care of a few last minute details, like activate my World phone, zip my stuffed bags, and print my Fullbright itinerary, the reality of this exciting experience sets-in. The first week of our stay will be in Calw, where the teacher training center is located and the area is to be beautiful. Next, I will travel to visit a family in Hildeshiem, where I will work in a school for a week teaching lessons and sharing information about the US school system and my school district Lexington School District One, located in the midlands of South Carolina.

I will try to post often about my Fulbright experiences to this Blog, so check in daily and be sure to leave comments or questions for me!

Auf Wiedershen! ( :